Staff at PILAT come from all over the world, and represent PNG Bible Translation Association, SIL PNG and other partner organisations. Many have higher degrees in linguistics, literacy or biblical studies, while others have many years experience of translating into Papua New Guinean languages.

Josepphine BowoJosephine Bowo
Kevin DuplechinKevin Duplechin is from the United States
Jonathan FixJonathan Fix is from the United States
Naomi KeneqaNaomi Keneqa is from Western Province, Papua New Guinea
Noel LazoNoel Lazo is from the United States
Zacc OraroZacc Oraro is from Oro Province, Papua New Guinea
Michel Pauw is from the Netherlands
Steven PikusSteven Pikus
Devin SchloteDevin Schlote is from the United States
Vico SolanoVico Solano is from Costa Rica
Ray StegemanRay Stegeman is from the United States
Steven TtopoqogoSteven Ttopoqogo
Pat WhiteheadPat Whitehead is from Canada

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