Conferences & Retreats

Modern Conference Facilities in Middle of Papua New Guinea

Reasons for choosing Ukarumpa Conference & Retreat Centre include:

  • Modern facilities: including consistent electricity, wireless Internet, spaced conference rooms with projection opportunities;
  • Central location: Ukarumpa is a small town near Kainantu, on the Highway from Lay to Mount Hagen; our Aviation Department offers transit services from the Airstrip to the Conference & Retreat Centre;
  • Low rates: our venue is commended for the very low rates.

Conference-Centre-1Conference Facilities


Small Conference Room

The Ukarumpa Conference & Retreat Centre offers:

  • One large conference room seating 150 people.
  • Two large conference rooms seating 50 people, with offices attached.
  • Three conference rooms seating 30 people, each with an office attached.

Each room offers wireless networking and printing facilities.
Separate men’s and women’s toilets are located close to the conference rooms.

Accommodation Facilities

Male and female guests at the Ukarumpa Conference & Retreat Centre are housed in separate men’s and women’s dormitories. Both dormitories offer:


Dorm Room


Work spaces and cupboard space

  • – Rooms (36 in male dormitory, 10 in female dormitory), each with two beds (including bedding), two work spaces and cupboard space for personal items;
  • – Bathroom block at the end of each floor with individual shower and toilet cubicles. Soap and towels are provided;
  • – Common area on each floor. The men’s dormitory also has table tennis and a small library.




Dining Facilities

Guests at the Ukarumpa Conference & Retreat Centre are fully catered for in a modern dining hall and kitchen building. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided, with coffee, tea and snacks at break time in the morning and afternoon.


Ukarumpa Health Centre

Other Facilities

At the Ukarumpa Conference & Retreat Centre, participants’ clothes are washed for them by centre staff. The centre is equipped with consistent electricity and water and wireless internet connection. Participants are welcome to use SIL-PNG centre facilities including medical facilities, store and sports facilities.

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