Epistle Workshop

What is it?

This 4-week workshop will have detailed exegetical input¬†by which teams can polish or develop a draft of a particular epistle (e.g. Romans, James or Jude). Each year’s workshop looks at a different epistle. Workshop in the morning, translation time in the afternoon. This year’s course on Galatians will be taught in Tok Pisin, using and testing newly created Tok Pisin exegetical resources. The goals of the workshop are 1) to promote the Tok Pisin resources, and 2) to produce a translation of Galatians using Buk Baibel as a source text, but with reference to the Greek source text using a Greek /Tok Pisin Interlinear. Participants will be trained to use the Tok Pisin resources.

Timothy headings

Who should come?

New Testament translators, including both expatriates and Papua New Guineans. Often it helps if several members of a translation team attend the workshop and work together.

Next session:

To be announced

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