What is it?

This one-week workshop provides a brief introduction to the art of dictionary making, including organisation of data (subentries, homonyms, compounds, dealing with dialects etc.), various elicitation techniques, example sentences, figurative language, improving user-friendliness, the possibilities offered by the Rapid Word Collection workshop, as well as exporting and printing.

The emphasis in the workshop is on principles of dictionary making, irrespective of the software you are using, though we can offer help on the programmes currently in use: FLEx, WeSay, Toolbox and LexiquePro. The workshop is ideal for getting ideas and moving your dictionary project a step forward. Sessions will be mornings only, with time for individual work and private consultations in the afternoon.

Who should come?

Linguists and experienced Papua New Guinean translators, such as BTA consultants.

Next session:

To be announced

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