Vernacular Creative Phonics

What is Creative Phonics all about? What do we do?

This is a 2 ½ week course introducing the Phonics method which is one part of a balanced Vernacular literacy programme. It aims to train the participants to start developing teaching materials based on the phonogram frequency count of the language and to teach reading and writing in the Vernacular through observation of lessons and teaching practice.

 What is Involved? 

  • Why Creative Phonics
  • 4 basic literacy principles
  • How to order phonemes and phonograms
  • Discover phonograms, not letters
  • Frequency versus productivity
  • How to motivate the learner
  • Prepare and enhance stories for the Creative Phonics approach
  • Let the children write!
  • The first two weeks of teaching – a timetable
  • Timetables, lesson plans and preparation
  • What to teach when
    • Monday: sounds
    • Tuesday: spelling and words
    • Wednesday: whole words
    • Thursday: sentences
    • Friday: whole story
  • Materials, stories, books…
  • Practice teaching

Who should come?

Anyone interested in having a vibrant Vernacular literacy program for children or adults especially Elementary and TPPS (Tok Ples Prep School) teachers.

Prerequisites Required:

The VCP course will be conducted in Tok Pisin and English, but reading assignments and handouts will use English.

  • Applicants must be able to read, write and speak fluently in the vernacular in which they are teaching.  Tok Pisin is considered a vernacular if you are teaching in a school that uses Tok Pisin as the mutual language of understanding in a Multilanguage setting.
  • Teaching experience in TTPS, EP, E1 or E2.
  • 10 pages of natural vernacular text.  This text cannot be translated material.
  • Must know some English and be able to read and respond to written questions in English.

Prerequisites Preferred:

  • Vernacular dictionary.  If you have both a lexical dictionary and a picture dictionary please bring both.  Bring whatever dictionary you have.
  • Able to read and write and understand English, in other words a higher proficiency in English.

Next session:

23 June – 10 July, 2020

Please find application on the Applications page.