Translation Consultant Workshop

What is it?

This workshop is to be interactive and practical, emphasizing practice with back translations and actual checking.   Areas that will be included: 1) Philosophy of translation + discussion time; 2) Responsibilities of a consultant, including function and qualifications; 3) Conducting a consultant session; 4) Interpersonal skills and confronting + discussion; 5) Listening exercises; 6) Language: comparison of Papuan and Austronesian languages; 7) Asking questions: what kinds of questions, how many etc. 8) Growth plan for a consultant; 9) Prepare for a consultant check using a back translation; 10) Lots of back translation preparation practice + discussion times; 11) Assigned reading + discussion; 12) Categories of problems + discussion; 13) Role playing: Practice playing “consultant” and “translator”; 14) Practice consultant sessions with peer critiquing; 15) observing time under consultant.

Who should come?

The Translation Consultant Training Workshop is designed to train prospective consultants in the basics of what consultants do.

Next session:

To be announced

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