Translators’ Training Course (TTC)

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What is it?

The Translators’ Training Course (TTC) is a 4-module course that provides training in translation principles, Bible background, study skills and language discovery. Participants attend as a team representing their language/tokples. Each team is assisted by a mentor.

  • TTC-1 is an introductory course centred around producing a translation of Genesis 22:1-19.
  • TTC-2 is based around translation of Genesis chapters 1-3 and Exodus ch. 15, looking at more Old Testament material and including an introduction to poetry and to the Hebrew language.
  • TTC-3 is the first New Testament course, based on narrative and hortatory material (stories and sermons). An introduction to Greek is included. (not this year)
  • TTC-4 is based around translation of Titus and teaches how to translate Epistle material. Greek skills are developed further to see how arguments are developed in the Greek text. (not this year)

It is expected that teams will complete the modules in order.

Who should come?

Teams of Papua New Guineans working on scripture translation. Each team needs to have at least two participants from the language community and a mentor who is able to be there in the course and provide on-going support between courses.

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Required: Applicants must pass an English Proficiency Test (available from Academic Training) before they can attend TTC-1; after each module a village assignment must be completed before applicants can attend the next module.

Preferred: Initial Skills Course for anyone with lower English proficiency.

Next session:

29 April – 3 June, 2020

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