Old Testament Introduction

What is it?

A survey of the books of the Old Testament giving a summary of content and understanding each book in its historical, geographical and literary context. In addition to studying each book, background topics are taught including: Ancient Near East Geography, History and Religions; Geography of Israel; Religion in Israel; Introduction to the Canon; Introduction to Genre, Narrative, Poetry and Literary Structures; and Theology of the Old Testament.

A variety of methods are employed from a ‘lecture’ style approach, to group work and practical activities:

OTI - Kings Family Tree

Here students are exploring the ‘family tree’ of the Kings of Israel and Judah during a lesson on the books of Kings.

Who should come?

The course is aimed at Papua New Guineans engaged in Old Testament translation or developing as translation consultants, but is open to anyone who would like to find out more about the Old Testament and its background.


Required: TTC-1; TTC-2; good English Proficiency

Preferred: Minimum of grade 10 or Bible School Training

Next session:

To be announced

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